Jane’s Journey

The Why:

Pow8r works for me as the perfect complement to my fitness routine.

There’s a really good pick and mix of workouts from the 45 min lives to 8 min add ons that you can put together to create your own tailored workouts.

And it’s really flexible! I travel a bit with work so I pack my mat and kettlebell and Pow8r comes with me wherever I go.

I like that Holly and Cal can’t see you so it doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re wearing or what you look like, it’s all about getting the best out of your day.

The Turning Point

I managed to persuade my daughter to get back in to training at the beginning of 2021, so she joined with a friend when Pow8r launched.

We set up a little WhatsApp group between us for support which has now grown to include friends and family who have signed up for round 2. 

The Journey:

It is fantastic motivation when you see the transformations already achieved by our group. It shows you can get results if you put your mind to it and we help each other along the way. 

That’s been really important during lockdown to keep us going and we’ve all seen a difference both mentally and physically.

This time round I am looking forward to the yoga sessions and – hopefully – getting outside in the garden to train!




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