Discover the Best Fitness Apps to Enhance Your Workout Journey

Getting into a healthy workout routine and feeling fitter has never been more accessible thanks to technology.

Everyone has a smartphone that is capable of downloading an app which can positively impact your life. 

These apps are plentiful and are equipped to assist you with your health and fitness goals.

As well as being a health and fitness lifestyle brand ourselves, we recognise that there are other apps out there that are great to use as part of your fitness journey.

In this blog, we will talk about which apps and what exactly they are best for. 

Best Fitness Apps

POW8R – Best for Overall Fitness Lifestyle

The POW8R web app is where you can have access to all of our amazing content which will help you live a happier, healthier and fitter lifestyle.  

We’re passionate about making a positive impact on your life using health and fitness as a driving force.

We’ve not just built an online fitness app, we’ve built a thriving community that is filled with thousands of members from all over the world.

This community helps keep you accountable and motivated throughout the year. 

Our trainers, Holly and Callum, are also very hands-on with everyone who is part of the POW8R community. 

They give helpful advice and tips on how you can best use our app to incorporate it into your lifestyle and make your training an enjoyable experience.

Our app is easy to navigate and it allows you to:

  • Partake in challenges. 
  • Track your weight and calories. 
  • Access hundreds of workouts on demand.
  • Enjoy a variety of healthy and nutritious recipe ideas.

Once you’ve selected a membership of your choice and set up the app you can get access to 4 live classes a week.

Don’t worry if you miss these classes, you can access them in our on-demand library where we store all of our workouts which you can access whenever suits you.

All these great features make POW8R one of the best exercise apps for your workout journey.

MyFitnessPal – Best for Nutrition

my fitness pal app

MyFitnessPal has an extensive database of foods.

This makes it easy for users to log their meals accurately and track their nutritional intake.

The app features a barcode scanner, allowing you to quickly and accurately input nutritional information from packaged foods.

You can set personalised nutrition and fitness goals based on factors like weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain. 

The app then provides recommendations for daily caloric intake and macronutrient distribution to help users achieve their objectives.

Strava – Best for Running

strava running app

Strava uses GPS technology to accurately track and map your running routes. 

This feature allows you to visualise your runs, track distances and analyse elevation changes.

Strava is well-known for its segment challenges, which are specific sections of a route where users can compete against themselves and others. 

This gamification aspect adds an element of competition and motivation to running.

The app provides detailed analytics and insights into your running performance. 

You can review pace, distance, elevation and other metrics to track progress over time. 

Premium features offer even more in-depth analysis.

Strava offers training plans for various running distances and goals. 

These plans are designed by experienced coaches and cater to runners of different skill levels, helping you structure your training for specific events or milestones.

Couch to 5K – Best for Beginners

couch to 5k app

Couch to 5K is often considered one of the best apps for beginners due to its structured and gradual approach to running, making it accessible to those who are new to running or exercise in general. 

The program is designed to gradually build up your running endurance over several weeks. 

It starts with a combination of walking and running intervals, allowing beginners to ease into a running routine without feeling overwhelmed.

Couch to 5K provides a structured training plan with a specific schedule of workouts. 

This takes the guesswork out of the process for beginners, helping you stay consistent and progress at a manageable pace.

StrongLifts – Best for Weightlifting

StrongLifts is considered a popular and effective app for weightlifting, especially for those focused on strength training.

StrongLifts follows a straightforward and proven strength training program. 

The core of the program involves five compound exercises (Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Barbell Row, and Deadlift) performed in a 5×5 set and rep scheme, emphasising progressive overload.

The program prioritises compound lifts, which engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. 

StrongLifts emphasises the principle of progressive overload, where you gradually increase the weight lifted over time. 

This systematic approach is crucial for building strength and muscle.

The app includes a built-in rest timer, encouraging you to take appropriate rest between sets. This feature helps maintain intensity during workouts and optimises performance.

JEFIT – Best for Workout Tracking

JEFIT offers an extensive exercise database with a wide range of strength training and bodybuilding exercises. 

This allows you to customise your workout routines based on your preferences, goals and available equipment.

You can create and customise your workout plans, adjusting exercises, sets, reps, and weights to suit your specific needs. 

JEFIT accommodates various fitness levels and goals, from beginners to advanced lifters.

The app includes a built-in rest timer, helping you maintain consistency between sets and optimising your workout intensity. 

The progress timer allows users to track the time spent on each exercise, aiding in efficient workout management.

More Than a Fitness App – We’re a Movement

As you can see there are many apps available to help you along with your health and fitness journey.

Although the other apps mentioned are good we firmly believe that our platform is the best when it comes to making a positive impact on your life.

Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned fitness fanatic we can accommodate you.

Thanks to our easy-to-navigate interface all your healthy lifestyle needs can be met.

Use our app today to take back control of your fitness!


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