Elise’s Journey

The Why:

I chose POW8R when I saw it back in January; with another lockdown announced and Christmas just gone, I was at my lowest point. Towards the end of 2020 my mental health was it its worst. I was starving myself because I hated what I saw in the mirror…it was a repetitive circle of self-sabotage. With not eating I have absolutely no effort to even think about exercise and then I saw POW8R advertised and I was really interested.

The Turning Point:

We all know that Cal and Holly are the best in the business so this was my turning point. A new chance to start afresh and get myself back to feeling more ‘me’.  I never thought I’d get through given the state I was in but I was really excited to start.

The Lifestyle:

It was so hard and during the workouts I did ask myself #is this really worth it’ – but yes, yes it is!

I genuinely feel like a new person – I’m so much happier, have so much energy and my favourite part of the day is when the alarm goes off at 5.30am and I’m prepped to do my workout!

That’s my time and even with everything going on in the World that’s out of our control – these few hours are the ones I can make sure I smash and make life worth living.

I know that is just the beginning and my transformation is just a small snippet of what’s to come but I’m absolutely love the journey and nothing can beat this feeling!




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