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You VS You Challenge Earlybird Discount Code: YOU30 for 30% Off

It’s You VS You This August. We’re here for results, not excuses. We’re here for progression, not perfection. If you want to get in great shape this August, and know you have to work hard, then keep reading!

The POW8R platform is an online fitness program that you can do from the comfort of your own home, and we have helped thousands of women transform their lives from their living rooms. Join us for daily live workouts, catch up on demand, support, advice, and more. Each month we release a new fitness challenge to help you obtain your physical and mental goals. This month is the You VS You Challenge.

To give you that extra step of motivation, use code YOU30 at checkout to get your first month of membership for just £21 – a massive 30% off the price of the regular membership. Less than 70p a day for unlimited workouts plus:

??‍♂️ 25 Different Workout Categories To Choose From.
? 4 Live Classes Every Week (catch up anytime).
? Access To Over 600+ Workouts.
? Over 450 Recipes Updated Each Month.
➕ Cals & Macros Personally Tailored To You.
? HD Footage For Workouts.
? Advice & Support From The POW8R Team.
? POW8R Challenges To Participate In.

You VS You Challenge Starting This Monday



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“It’s brilliant for any age, fitness level and gender.”

Home Workouts

Working out at home doesn’t have to be lonely with the POW8R web app. Get all the enjoyment, and benefit, of a fitness class within your own home. An average POW8R workout burns around 580 calories and with plenty of choice you can tailor your workouts to hit your troublesome target areas!

What You Get

As featured in GQ magazine and Vogue, the POW8R web app gives you access to unlimited live and on demand workouts. You can choose from hundreds of sessions in over 20 categories anytime you want, wherever you are. Plus, you’ll get the full support of our POW8R community, healthy meal ideas and a personal weight tracker and calorie counter.

Live & On Demand Video

Get your adrenaline going with a live workout alongside our POW8R community or catch up later when the kids are at school. Your workout, your way! Your monthly subscription gives you unlimited workouts whenever you want them.

Weight Tracker

Use your personal profile to track your weight loss journey as well as access recipe ideas and keep on track of your daily calories and macros. You can also upload photos and watch the difference in your body shape as you progress, all securely and privately.


Mix up your usual routine with our epic challenges. It could be anything from upping your water intake to an ab-centric blast…opt in or opt out when it takes your fancy – all for no extra cost.

Case Studies

Emma’s Journey


Danielle’s Journey


Jane’s Journey


Lisa’s Journey


Elise’s Journey



You’ll pay just £29.99 per month – around £1 per day to change your life!

The only equipment you will need is suitable clothing and a single weight which is comfortable for you to work with.

No, the beauty of POW8R is that it can be performed anywhere – at home, in the garden, on the beach…wherever!

POW8R is suitable for all ages from 16+ - both male and female of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner, new to healthy eating & exercise or someone with years of experience - POW8R is fully accessible!

You’ll receive a recipe book packed with delicious meal ideas as well as a shopping list to save you some time and hassle. You’ll also receive a calorie and macro nutrient calculator along with full advice on how to use them to help you stay on track.

We do not advise taking part in POW8R whilst pregnant but we have a prenatal program “Pow8r pregnancy” which is perfect when expecting - please ensure you have read the relevant Terms and Conditions and be signed off by a medical advisor before you sign up and participate

With full access to unlimited workouts, wherever you are and 20 different categories suitable for all levels, you'll see an improvement to your mental and physical wellbeing. Plus you'll also receive daily challenges, live workouts and full support and advice on nutrition, menu ideas and a weight tracker.

No problem! You will have access to all live workouts on demand via the web app – that means you can even repeat some of your favourites over again.